The study, creation, and control of mechanical devices that can be lifted into the air are the focus of the branch of science known as aeronautics. This branch also includes the mechanisms that enable aircraft control. A spacecraft that travels through the atmosphere on its way to outer space is included in this field of study, as are other objects and machines that can fly. The field associated with the Earth’s atmosphere and outer space is referred to as aerospace. These vehicles include, among others, jets, helicopters, aeroplanes, and hot air balloons.  Aeronautics is dependent on fields such as aerodynamics, rocketry, and meteorology. The Middle Ages produced models and sketches of flying machines, as did Da Vinci, Roger Bacon, and the Montgolfier brothers with their hot-air balloons.  Aeronautics has several uses nowadays, including commercial and military aircraft, space travel, and even unmanned flight using gadgets like drones. New obstacles in aeronautics include space tourism and the first manned voyage to Mars. The School of Aeronautics is the best aeronautical engineering college in Maharastra, so check it out.

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